Brigitte West Palm Beach Weekender

$138.99 Retail
$110.95 W/S
Transform the average weekend getaway into the trip of your dreams, with the ultimate overnight tote bag. The snakeskin-print Brigitte Weekender will hold all your belongings with a secure double zip-top closure and comfortable extra-wide straps. Expandable side snaps allow for extra space as you need it.
SKU : USGG100023
Dimensions: 22"W x 15-1/2"H x 8"D stap drop 12" Material: Faux leather Care Instructions: We want your Gigi Hill bags to always look fabulous! Our faux leather, coated cotton canvas, and bengaline materials are water resistant and stain resistant and are designed to stand up to your everyday challenges. For most common stains: Blot stains using a clean damp cloth and mild soap, non-bleach formula, or a stain treatment pen or wipe. Never immerse your handbag in water as it could cause it to pucker. Faux leather trim can also erode when immersed in water. Please be certain to thoroughly test an inconspicuous area prior to actual stain removal to avoid uncontrollable variations in material reaction.